Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Companies - 2017
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Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Companies - 2017

Over the past several years, energy resources have been consumed for purposes ranging from industries to domestic usage. With the slow waning of existing energy resources, there has been an urgent need to look for smarter energy alternatives that can reduce the usage of non-renewable energy resources, while finding ways to monitor the usage of existing sources. The presence of Big Data can be seen to play a major role in the shift to smart energy in the coming years. With the help of Big Data, organizations can go beyond just the figures on their monthly electricity bills; instead they can optimize energy usage by knowing the exact entities that are most power consuming. This can help them save on their bills as well as the energy being drained at unnecessary points. Awareness of energy market trends and forecasts can help businesses maximize energy income and efficiency project paybacks. On the other hand, the rise of smart cities and electric vehicles can prove to be very advantageous in saving energy. The ability to manage energy from mobile devices is a game changer in its own respect.

Similar to any other arena, smart energy is filled with myriad solution providers, which makes it a very difficult and cumbersome for a CIO to choose the apt solution provider that suits their needs. To alleviate this task, Energy CIO Insights proves itself to be a guiding light in the smart energy landscape. Our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Energy CIO Insights narrowed the final 10 providers that exhibit competence in delivering efficient and cost-effective Smart Energy Solutions.

We present you the Energy CIO Insights’ Top 10 Smart Energy Solution Providers - 2017.

    Top Smart Energy Solution Companies

  • Provides state-of-the-art grid modernization solutions along with research, engineering, and consulting services for the electric power utilities sector

  • A project facilitation firm that provides simple, effective, and cost-efficient solutions for deployment of distributed energy assets

  • Energy storage services provider focused on delivering intelligent software and project solutions to offset the most expensive hours of electricity demand

  • Offers intelligent solar, grid and storage solutions

  • Delivers a holistic approach to real-time integration of intelligent utility systems

  • A progressive energy holding company that delivers gas and electricity to more than 1 million customers in the adjoining service territories of Indiana

  • Aricent


    Aricent is a global design and engineering company innovating for customers in the digital era

  • Celestica


    A leader in high-reliability design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions that brings global expertise at every stage of product development–from the drawing board to full-scale production and after-market services

  • Mesh Systems

    Mesh Systems

    Designs and deploys turnkey IoT / M2M solutions that include hardware, software and networking frameworks for Smart products

  • OATI system

    OATI system

    A leading provider of innovative software solutions that simplify, streamline, and empower the operational tasks required for today’s energy commerce and smart grid